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Wilsons Promontory The SDFV Weekend PDF Print E-mail
By Kevin Baldacchino

Well what a successful weekend it was, the annual SDFV Wilsons Prom get together. With our club occupying approximately 31 sites up 5th and 6th avenues, making this one of our largest turn outs with about 100 people. Even with the indifferent weather conditions, I think all divers managed at least to get out for a dive with the majority heading for the Glennies. Most club members arrived on the Friday and quickly set about putting up their tents and setting up vans. With all the hard work done it was time to kick back and enjoy a few drinks and the Prom scenery.

Saturday morning bought everyone to the club marquee for the days dive briefing. With fairly breezy conditions only a brave few headed out to the Glennies for a couple of dives. It wasn’t to bad anchored in the lee of the islands once we had decided on where we were going to dive. David, Glen T and I did 2 very nice dives on the north side of the island; I even managed to have a bit of a snooze during our surface interval with the sun warming us just nicely. While back at camp Veronica Roberts was kept busy giving quite a few massages.


With all the boats back at Tidal River safely after a fairly rough ride back, it was time to get ready for the SDFV bbq which thankfully wasn’t being done by our club. A great turn out at the bbq and the raffle that was being held was won by non other than Glen Crisp. We later retired to our club marquee for a few more drinks and laughs until around midnight.

Image Sunday morning was unbelievable with not a cloud in the sky, the sun shining and the smell of Michael and Kathy cooking bacon and eggs. What a perfect morning! The mornings briefing was given and then it was a race down to the beach. But soon enough the clouds started to roll in and the drizzly rain came down from mid morning to late in the evening. But it didn’t stop the flotilla heading out to the Glennies for some great diving. With the dives completed for the day all the boats headed back in to Tidal River where it was hands on deck as the surf was up a bit making it a bit harder to retrieve the boats but we managed to get all boats on trailers and out of the water without any mishaps.

Sunday evening saw most people congregate at the club marquee for a bbq dinner and we were later treated to fresh cappuccinos from Chris Eele’s bargain priced cappuccino maker. A few of us die hards hung around until about midnight in the marquee enjoying a few drinks and having quite a few laughs.

Image A few boats braved the conditions on Monday morning to complete a couple more dives at various site that the Prom has to offer. Some opted not to go diving but kayaking instead, having an enjoyable time also. Early evening had everybody going through photos that they would enter into the photo shootout competition. After dinner the crowd began to grow around the marquee as Glen set up his equipment for the screening of all the photos that were entered. The quality of the photos taken over the weekend was very good as the oohs and aahs from the crowd suggested. After the votes were tallied up the winners were announced, and you can find these elsewhere in the magazine with the winning photos.

After the formalities a group of us sat around the gas (fire) lantern for a few drinks as you do on a weekend like this, while Gwen and Jason led all the kids out on a night walk, but at around 10.30pm Evelyn started panicking as they had not returned! They all got back not long after with Gwen looking rather tired as we had got her out of bed to lead the walk. As with the night before, most of us stayed up until around midnight, with some of the girls having a few too many (hey Evelyn, Lisa and Donna). Apparently Jason was heard saying shoosh to Lisa quite a bit that night.


On Tuesday morning Evelyn didn’t quite get up at 7am to take Kelsea to school as she promised. Eventually everyone was up and after some breakfast we all set about packing everything up as the children were heard protesting that they didn’t want to go home!! I am sure that everyone that came down to the Prom this year didn’t go home disappointed.

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